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Taxes, Jobs & the Economy

Since elected, I have constantly fought AGAINST higher taxes and wasteful spending and FOR more jobs and economic growth. I’ll continue to do so if I’m re-elected.

I have served on the House Finance Committee for both of my terms in the State House. There I have helped defeat tens of billions of dollars worth of new taxes proposed by the Governor and majority-party Democrats, including new or additional taxes on income you earn, energy you consume, bottled water you drink, services you hire professionals to perform, the house you sell, the car you trade in, and the things you buy on the internet.

Since I was first elected in 2014, biennial state general fund spending was $33 billion. By the time the Legislature passes the next biennial budget, that figure will grow to over $50 billion, a 50 percent increase in just four years. (Has your own household income risen by 50 percent since 2014?) With state revenue growing so quickly, more taxes are clearly not the answer, and I’ll continue to fight unneeded tax increases.

Instead of more taxes, the Legislature needs to better prioritize state spending. As the deputy budget writer for the House Republicans, I’ve worked hard to identify and eliminate waste, fraud and abuse, but more work remains. We must also reform our state budget process to avoid committing to such large and rapid spending increases. I’ll continue pushing for these reforms if I’m re-elected.

Our state’s overall economy is growing rapidly (which is why the state budget has grown by 50 percent in four years without new taxes), but some segments are doing better than others. While the tech sector is flourishing and Seattle is booming, rural jobs are disappearing. I want to ensure an opportunity for all Washingtonians to be successful, including an ability to maintain a rural way-of-life without sacrificing employment opportunities. Our economic growth is also threatened by some politicians’ pursuit of incredibly misguided policies, like a potential new tax on energy consumption or Seattle’s “head tax” on jobs. In Olympia, I’ll continue to advocate for policies that grow the economy and create jobs, not ones that disincentive such behavior. That’s why I’ve been endorsed by a litany of organizations that promote job creation, including construction contractors, home builders, independent grocers, hotels and restaurants, and retail stores.