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Representative Drew Stokesbary obtains important funding for White River project

These facilities were nearly flooded in 2009
Flood water approaches a Sumner warehouse
Warehouses for global companies line the White River Valley in Sumner.
Warehouses of global companies line the White River Valley in Sumner.

Did you know global companies like Amazon, REI​, Lululemon​, Brooks Running​, Tully’s, and Keurig​ have important supply chain centers right here in Sumner, Washington​? They’re a key economic engine for the entire state. But in 2009, flood waters from the White River came dangerously close to these facilities.

Given Washington’s recent dry spell, it’s easy to forget how prone our communities have been to flooding, especially along the White, Green, Puyallup, and Carbon Rivers.

Flood danger is never more than a season away, so I spent a lot of this legislative session working to make our region a little bit safer from this threat. I introduced HB 1940, which was signed into law by the Governor, to ensure that property tax levies currently used to build flood control infrastructure will continue to be used for that purpose.

I also worked with the City of Sumner to obtain $865,000 in funding from the state’s capital budget for the beginning phases of a flood control project along the White River. This project will help protect Sumner, and its critical economic hubs, from future disaster.

Sumner Mayor Dave Enslow recently had this to say about the project in the Bonney Lake Courier-Herald:

No matter which side of the aisle you are on, there’s no doubt that passing our State budget this year was quite a struggle. In the midst of lots of topics and debates, there is some great news for Sumner. The Capital Facilities budget includes $850,000 for design work on the White River Restoration project. This is an important project to protect businesses, homes and transportation routes along the White River in northern Sumner, while also improving habitat for salmon runs.

I want to thank all our legislators, especially Senator Pam Roach and Representative Drew Stokesbary, who made sure this important funding was included despite all the other topics and issues they were tackling. I appreciate their dedication to Sumner’s needs and look forward to seeing this important project moving forward.

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