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Rep. Stokesbary’s first bill passes in state House

I’m very excited to announce that, just one month into my first term in the Legislature, the House of Representatives has passed my first prime-sponsored bill, HB 1263.

From the Auburn Reporter:


A bill introduced by Rep. Drew Stokesbary, R-Auburn, to end duplicative regulations on certified public accountants (CPAs) passed the House with overwhelming bipartisan support Tuesday.

House Bill 1263 addresses the issue of CPAs being regulated by two state agencies in certain situations. Under current law, CPAs that perform investigative work (known as forensic accounting) could also be required to obtain a private investigator’s license. This bill would exempt accountants from having to obtain a second license as long as they are performing their normal accounting functions.

“This issue was brought to me by a constituent, and I am happy to see this bill move forward,” Stokesbary said. “Certified public accountants are held responsible by the Board of Accountancy, which provides adequate oversight to the industry, even when they perform investigative duties. This is a simple, commonsense reform to make government more efficient and reduce red tape. I look forward to the bill being passed in the Senate and signed by the governor.”

Stokesbary is the first Republican freshman to pass a bill in the 2015 legislative session.

“It’s an exciting experience to have my first bill pass in the House,” Stokesbary said. “I was honored to have my first bill pass with my family here for the annual children’s day celebration. It was a special moment for me to have my son on the House floor earlier, and to share this moment with him and my wife.”

In addition to House Bill 1263, Stokesbary is sponsoring legislation to provide property tax relief, extend to tribal law enforcement agencies access to a prescription drug database to aid in criminal investigations, and preserve funding for flood control districts.

House Bill 1263 will now move to the Senate for additional consideration.

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