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Ferguson’s Attack on Our Constitutional Rights

Thank you to those who participated in last week’s poll question regarding Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s proposal to ban certain “assault weapons”. We received some great feedback and your opinion towards this subject could not have been more clear. Close to 90% of respondents said they would not support such a ban, with many of you requesting I continue to work to repeal I-594.

From our classrooms to our highways, many of Washington’s problems can be traced back to the same cause: the clumsy overreach of government. That is why I’ve consistently supported policies that would trim government and rein in government excess.

This unnecessary governmental meddling in the Constitutional rights of Washingtonians is one that legislators and voters must rebuke at every turn.

Banning assault weapons will not make Washingtonians more safe. The Attorney General’s suggestion that assault weapons are at the center of gun violence in our state is not only intellectually lazy, but an outright mischaracterization of facts. It’s clear that he has decided to prioritize the goals of fringe anti–gun special interest groups over what is honest, constitutional, and best for our state.

Our right to protect our families and our loved ones predates our state’s legislature. So I am happy to be, and will always remain, a resolute defender of our Second Amendment.

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