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The News Tribune endorses Stokesbary

The Tacoma News Tribune has joined The Seattle Times in endorsing my campaign!

About my race, The News Tribune wrote:

Because we believe good ideas still stand a chance in Olympia, Stokesbary receives our hearty endorsement.

His youthful looks and Boy Scout demeanor might fool voters into thinking he’s too green to govern, but the 31-year-old Stokesbary has plenty of gravitas, to include an economics degree from Duke University and a law degree from Notre Dame.

His education was put to good use in his first term in the House where he served on three committees: Appropriations, Judiciary and Finance. He was also appointed to the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee and the Oversight Committee on Trade Policy.

In addition to being analytical and articulate, Stokesbary has a nose for sniffing out stink. He’s gutsy, too. He took the lead this year in a failed effort to impeach federally indicted state Auditor Troy Kelley. And last year, he introduced a bill (still pending) that would ban lawmakers and statewide elected officials from fundraising 15 days before a special session. He wants to disincentivize lawmakers from quitting before getting their work done during the regular session.

But it’s equitable school funding that tops his list of government gone wrong. As a representative of four school districts, Auburn, Enumclaw, Sumner and White River, he aims to eliminate the unfair funding gaps between districts by advocating for a levy swap, which he says will rid the state of the “unconstitutional and unconscionable method” of paying for schools.

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