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Drew’s Record

Politicians don’t always follow through on their promises, but even after just two terms, Rep. Drew Stokesbary has a record anyone would be proud of:

Legislative Victories

Rep. Stokesbary has already been the prime sponsor of five bills signed into law by the Governor:

  • HB 1467 improves fire service efficiencies so departments can reduce overhead costs and deliver more services instead
  • HB 1940 protects funding for the King and Pierce County flood control districts so they have the resources to continue combatting floods along the Green, White, Puyallup, and Carbon Rivers
  • HB 1637 helps combat the rising opioid epidemic by allowing tribal law enforcement agencies access to the state’s prescription drug monitoring database
  • HB 2320 saves Emerald Downs from potential temporary shutdowns, which helps boost the Auburn economy
  • HB 1253 streamlines regulations for many small businesses who had been regulated by two separate state agencies

Rep. Stokesbary also introduced HB 1427, which would have expanded the property tax exemption available to fixed-income retirees and veterans. The Legislature ultimately passed a similar Senate bill, which the Governor signed in 2015.

In addition, Rep. Stokesbary has sponsored or co-sponsored several other important bills to keep our communities safe:

  • HB 1761 to prevent King County or other municipalities from opening “heroin injection sites”
  • HB 2545 bans the use of several known toxic chemicals in children’s toys and clothing
  • HB 1281 expands a successful tri-county child pornography task force to cover the entire state

Transportation Improvements

During the 2015 and 2016 sessions, Rep. Stokesbary worked diligently to obtain funding for several badly-needed transportation projects in our communities. These projects will decrease travel times, increase safety, and give families more time to spend together:

  • Final completion of a freeway (Highway 167) between Puyallup and Tacoma, which had been promised to residents by WSDOT and the Legislature for over 30 years
  • Construction of a new eastbound Highway 18 off-ramp and a bypass around Auburn Way South, which will reduce congestion on Highway 18 and decrease travel times to South Auburn and the Enumclaw Plateau
  • Design and engineering of a new, wider Traffic Avenue bridge over Highway 410 in Sumner, which will greatly reduce the long rush hour backups going in and out of Sumner
  • Construction of a seismic wall along Jovita Boulevard in Edgewood, which will protect the integrity of this important thoroughfare even in a significant earthquake

Community Investments

Rep. Stokesbary also worked with senior legislators on both sides of the aisle to fund projects that make our neighborhoods a great place to live, work, and raise a family:

  • New and modernized schools in Auburn, Carbonado, Sumner, and White River School Districts
  • More homeless shelter beds for Nexus Youth and Families in Auburn (formerly (Auburn Youth Resources)
  • A new drug rehabilitation facility in Auburn, operated by Valley Cities Counseling
  • Upgraded facilities at Rainier State School in Buckley
  • Completion of the brand-new Gordon Family YMCA in Sumner
  • Campus expansion at Auburn Valley YMCA
  • Improvements, repairs, and maintenance at the Enumclaw Expo Center
  • Flood control projects along the Green River (north of Enumclaw), White River (in Sumner), Puyallup River (between Sumner and Orting), and Carbon River (from Carbonado to Orting)
  • Phase 1 of a brand-new Edgewood Community Park
  • Additional extensions of the Foothills Trail in South Prairie, Sumner, and Buckley, connecting the trail to Enumclaw
  • Improvements to Roosevelt Park in Wilkeson
  • New storage facilities for the Daffodil Heritage Parade in Sumner

Awards and Recognitions

In addition to the countless individuals and organizations who have endorsed his reelection campaign, Rep. Stokesbary’s hard work in the Legislature on behalf of the residents of the 31st District has earned special recognition by several groups:


Learn more about where Rep. Drew Stokesbary stands on the Legislature’s most pressing issues, and the policies he will fight for if re-elected: