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Business group officially endorses Drew Stokesbary


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The Washington Retail Association has officially endorsed Drew Stokesbary for election this fall. Stokesbary is running for State Representative in the 31st legislative district.

Retailers in Washington State collect billions of dollars in sales taxes and employ hundreds of thousands of workers while contributing millions of dollars in business and property taxes. According to the Washington Retail Association, Stokesbary’s presence in the Legislature will help protect against “too much government regulation and over-taxation.”

The Retail Association joins a growing list of organizations that support Drew Stokesbary’s campaign. The Washington Food Industry Association, Washington Restaurant Association, and National Federation of Independent Business, each of which represents thousands of small businesses and job creators, have already announced their endorsements of Stokesbary.

The Washington Retail Association represents over 2,800 retail storefronts. Its roster includes all types of retailers, in all parts of the state, from the largest national chains to the smallest independent businesses. Members include wholesalers, dealers, professional services, and mall owners and operators. Learn more at

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