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Tri-City Herald: “We Agree” with Rep. Stokesbary

Yesterday, the Moscow-Pullman Daily News penned an editorial agreeing with my public statements concerning our indicted State Auditor, Troy Kelley.

Today, yet another newspaper, the Tri-City Herald, published its own editorial column expressing support for my position:

Rep. Drew Stokesbary, R-Auburn, co-sponsored an impeachment resolution that was never voted on.

Following last week’s announcement that the jury could not reach a verdict, Stokesbary wrote that his “position has never been that Troy Kelley was guilty (or innocent). What I have said, and still believe, is that public servants — especially one tasked with rooting out fraud and corruption in state government — should hold themselves to a higher standard than merely ‘not guilty.’ ”

And we agree. We also think the state should recharge Kelley on the 14 counts that the jury deadlocked on and hold him accountable with an actual verdict.

It’s obvious that Kelley is not a man willing to do the right thing, which would have been to resign rather than sully our state’s image with his personal drama. We are strong believers in innocent until proven guilty, but Kelley did not have to remain auditor while he fought his court battle.

You can read the full Tri-City Herald editorial here.

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