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Endorsed by Children’s Campaign Fund!

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As the chief budget writer for House Republicans in Olympia and the father of two young boys, I’m especially honored to be endorsed by Children’s Campaign Fund. CCF “provides a non-partisan, collective voice and means for the people of Washington state to elect leaders who will put kids first, and to hold them accountable for supporting the whole child.”

Here’s what Children’s Campaign Fund has to say about their mission and vision:

We are dedicated to electing state leaders who will champion the health, well-being, safety and education of the children and youth of Washington state, especially those who are underserved and have been historically marginalized. We provide a non-partisan, collective voice for the people of Washington to elect state leaders who will put children and their families first, and to hold these leaders accountable.

Washington state invests in a thriving present and future for every child and their family. All state leaders recognize that providing for the health, well-being, safety and education of our children is not optional — it is vital.

I’m so thankful that this organization has chosen to endorse me as the best choice for the 31st District!

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